Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 37.50

Performers : Petra Blair, Brad Newman


The classic pool-boy fantasy… where the “boy” is most definitely all man. Petra Blair and Brad Newman star in this steamy summer escape of mutual seduction. A slow-burn of an encounter, with sensual, unhurried foreplay, featuring enthusiastic oral sex on both sides, Newman’s magnificent cock, and particular attention paid to Blair’s beautiful nipples. After taking their time going down on each other, and stretching the tension, Petra climbs on top of him pool-side, and rides Newman to delicious moans of pleasure, before Newman flips the script and puts her on her back, thrusting into her – softly, at first, and then with strength. A relaxing detour into doggy-style has Petra coming hard and needing a slow-down, which Newman responds to immediately… until she asks for just a little bit more. An intimate, connected denouement has Newman coming inside his lover with pure masc abandon, before the couple unwinds into the easy affection, tender touches, and deep relaxation that only true intimacy gives. For lovers of romance, sensuality and the slow burn – Escape into a sensuous summer of mutual seduction and desire, where the cool water isn’t the only thing making our bodies wet.