Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 41:18

Performers : Marina Maree, Leo Vice


A sweet, slow, and sensual session with the adorably shy Marina Maree, surrendering her curves and trust to the gentle care of Leo Vice. Allowing themselves to relax into the moment, he kisses her tenderly, checking in at every point that she’s okay. He peels the edge of her bralette down to reveal her nipple, and sucks it gently, making her close her eyes and gasp. Then, with his help, she shimmies out of her dress. Her lush body revealed in all its glory, he kisses his way down her breasts and tummy, as she strokes his dark hair. Stripping her tiny panties away, he lies down between her thighs and starts going down on her, with soft and sweet cunnilngus. He takes his time, letting her lay back and just enjoy the sensations sweeping over her – no rush, no goal, just the moment. He adds his hands to the mix, fingering her pussy as he tongues her clit and beautiful folds. Another check-in, and he takes off his pants to reveal his erection, eager for her. He strokes himself, making sure he’s hard and lubed up for her, and rubs his cock up and down her slit, teasing her. Only when he’s positioned her just right does he enter her, embedding his length into her depths as she gasps. He starts fucking her steadily, murmuring to her as she whimpers and moans in pleasure, spreading her legs wide to give him even easier access to her most secret parts. He thrusts into her, his taut ass showing his strength, varying his speeds and rhythms, always taking exquisite care to put her pleasure first. They gaze deeply into each other’s eyes as she cradles his head, connecting emotionally as their bodies connect. Then, sensing that she’s ready for a shift, Leo flips her over onto her hands and knees, and buries his hard cock into her from behind. He fucks her doggy-style, calling her baby and checking in if it feels good to her, and then fucks her hard and fast as she whimpers in helpless pleasure. “I want to come in you so bad” he says, in between moans, and she echoes his desires “I want you to come in me”. Blissed out, she turns on her side, and he keeps fucking her from behind, hands braced on her hips and he slides in and out of her. Allowing themselves to catch a breath, they take a few moments to spoon and kiss and stroke each other. Then Marina Maree shyly climbs on top of Leo. With a few giggles, they find the right position for his cock to slide into her, and she starts riding him, cowgirl style, woman on top. But this adorable pillow princess is much more at ease being the bottom in this situation – she lays back down on her back, and pulls out a Circe magic wand vibrator, concentrating on her own pleasure as Leo spreads her legs wide and fucks her steadily. Their moans rise together as their pleasure mounts, completely in synchrony. Getting close to orgasm, reveling in her womanhood, he says he wants to come inside her so bad – and she asks him to, begging him to fill her up with his cum. He obliges, and they climax at the same time, a sweet and connected simultaneous orgasm that unites them in sex and sensation. “You’re such a gentleman” Marina marvels, as he helps her put the Circe magic wand aside, and cleans her up to make sure she’s comfortable, before they snuggle and kiss in tender aftercare. A lustful creampie served with consent, trust and intimacy – eaten together, slow and sweet.