Avery Jane

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 32.35

Performers : Avery Jane, Chuck Danger


Here at Forplay Films, we know that sex work is work – as well as a whole lot of fun (when done right, of course)! A client respectfully reaches out to a sex-worker who catches his eye, and gets a private show in his loft. Avery St Germaine (aka Avery Jane) brings her curves, her sweetness, and her strength to this escort scene with Chuck Danger. First she shows off her full figure and her elegant stripper moves on his personal dance pole, before they move to the couch, where he tucks dollar bills into her lingerie as she giggles and grinds on his crotch. Delighted, Chuck makes it rain, then gets to play with Avery’s ample breasts and pierced nipples. Before long, his clothes come off, and Avery slides down his body to give a slow, sensual blowjob, before they slip a condom on and she climbs on top of his raging hard-on. He keeps a firm and loving hand around her throat as she bounces on top of him, soon crying out in orgasm. But no need to stop there – a session of reverse cowgirl is followed by an expert round of twerking on Danger’s cock, as Avery brings her dance moves into her lovemaking repertoire. Soon they swtich again, and we see Avery’s pearl-pierced clit hood and her high-heeled legs spread, as Danger thrusts into her whilst playing with her gorgeous vulva. Then he flips her onto her back in a near-split, and fucks her hard, making her moan and cum and giggle again and again, lucite heels high in the air. Danger doesn’t miss out on a session of doggy style, either, as Avery gets on her hands and knees and backs her beautiful, ample ass onto Danger’s cock, knowing she knows how to use it. Hungry for more, he flips her onto her back one last time, fucking her sideways, until they both are crying out in ecstasy, and he comes into her hard. Fun, passionate, caring, hot as fuck, and with multiple orgasms no less – this is the way we wish it could always be… And it certainly doesn’t hurt to get those benjamins for all the heat, expertise and vulnerability, either.