Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 48.13

Performers : Avery Jane, Isaiah Maxwell


Serious goddess vibes as Avery Jane and Isaiah Maxwell meet and celebrate themselves and each other in this sensual film.

Tattoos in all the right places, a knowing twinkle in her eye, and lush curves barely held by lacy lingerie, Avery Jane starts off just enjoying her own royal presence before beckoning in her King for the evening. Lean muscle, restrained power, and self-control, Isaiah is all man and knows how to treat a woman, and take his time – even when a queen is as divinely insatiable as Avery Jane.

Allowing him to worship her skin and her body, they start slowly caressing each other, kissing and licking and rubbing wherever she needs. He even takes a special moment to appreciate her perfect feet and white-toed pedicure, sucking on her toes and making her moan. Then he goes down on her reverently. Lovingly teasing her pussy whilst gently biting her thighs, he fingers her whilst licking her pierced clit. He knows how to use his hands and mouth to lavish attention on her divine cunt. With his expert cunnilingus skills he makes her cum and cry out in encouragement, and then keeps going – she has multiple quivering orgasms under his tongue and mouth. Then he holds her protectively, spooning, as he lets her recover just a little bit. And all this before his pants even come off!

Finally he unveils himself in all his glory, and Avery Jane gently kisses his long cock and starts a slow blow job. He gets to lean back and enjoy the moment, before they engage in some luscious 69. She positions her pussy and ass over his face as she gives him enthusiastic fellatio. Flipping her over, she then deep throats him as he gently thrusts his cock almost all the way into her mouth – she loves taking it.
With more kisses, they maneuver carefully onto the royal bed, and she positions herself doggy style for him to fuck her. Making her quiver and cry out, he pushes into her, licking his thumb to stimulate her ass as he thrusts into her slowly, then steadily, holding back her hair. Lots of loving eye contact and control as she comes hard on his cock, screaming out in delight. Then both of them get on their knees for another series of climaxes that leave her shaking. More positions follow – she holds herself open, then straddles him, then lies down on her back beneath him, then gets spooned, each time getting taken to another wave of ecstasy. Flipping him on his back, she takes her turn to ride him in reverse cowgirl, allowing him to circle her wide nipples with his strong fingers, and then hold her in place while he thrusts strongly into her from below. She rides him hard, cumming more, then turns to face him. She almost collapses from the series of orgasms that she experiences from his confident, powerful masculinity and expert moves. She starts giggling in delight, and they engage in some face-to-face lovemaking, holding each other’s gazes, whispering in awe to each other at their shared creative sexuality. Then, finally, he pulls out, and comes hard – spurting his seed across her breasts, his cum hitting her delighted face and pierced tongue. Then, the slow comedown – though she wants to keep going! – giggles and affectionate aftercare and check-ins, as they laugh together. But, true to her word, she breaks out the lube, and plays with herself using a curved dildo, as he holds her close. She brings herself to a squirting orgasm, and then a second climax, in his caring arms. Finally – temporarily – satiated, they rub their faces together as they relax and melt in the afterglow – already dreaming of next time…