Adventures In Getting Dressed

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 26.23

Performers : Ana Foxxx, Jada Kai


Cheeky, exuberant, and wonderfully joyful – this playful comic-book celebration of female friendship gets a twist when a pre-date wardrobe session takes a turn towards the sapphic and steamy. Ana Foxxx and Jada Kai are trying on clothes and affirming each other’s unique gorgeousness when attraction culminates in a surprise kiss. Ana’s date forgotten, they take it into the bedroom, where they strip off the clothes they just put on, and explore some lesbian loving. They take their time teasing each other’s nipples, punctuating caresses and oral exploration with little affectionate kisses on one another’s lips. Grinding their hips and giggling, they shuck off their panties at the same time, before exploring each other’s vulvas with their fingers and hands. They rub each other’s clits simultaneously as they throw their heads back and moan, making little whimpers of encouragement and delight. Continuing to finger each other whilst kissing, they buck their hips and cry out as they get closer and closer to coming – but hold off on climaxing until further play. Jada gets on her knees and starts going down on the already-aroused Ana, who writhes in pleasure as she’s enthusiastically eaten out. Coming steadily under Jada’s expert mouth, Ana cries out in pleasure, and then gets fingered by her cheeky friend. More making out, and then they switch sides – it’s Jada’s turn to get her juicy, shaved cunt licked and fingered to bliss. She comes hard with shocked “Oh My Gods” and her head thrown back. Then the two of them decide to try out some experimental scissoring. Rubbing their wet vulvas together, grinding in slow circles on each other’s clits, they lose themselves in delighted sensation. It gets hotter and heavier, more desperately urgent, as they work themselves into a frenzy, cresting before Jada helplessly cums. Happy for the whole experience, and to have been of service, Ana lets herself get touched a little more, before they jump into the shower, get themselves back into their prettiest dresses, and head out into the night – together.